Tampa ranked in the top 3 USA cities to launch and grow a business.

Tampa was announced as one of the top places in the USA to start and grow a business. Forbes Magazine looked at seven key criteria before announcing their top ten cities for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Tampa beat Atlanta, Seattle and Austin based on criteria such as percentage of population with University Degrees, cost of living, average income, loan activity and business buzz.

New York, Chicago and Silicone Valley didn’t even make the top ten because of their high cost of living and the “quick and the dead” mentality towards new businesses. 

This week the Entrepreneur Growth Accelerator that originated in London, is in Tampa with a goal to find 50 businesses that are suitable for accelerated growth. Backed by Shark Tank celebrity investor Kevin Harrington, the growth program gives small businesses access to mentoring, high-level networking and resources.

“Tampa is a perfect place to launch this program. New York and Silicone Valley have created a gold-rush mentality and a lot of genuine businesses avoid the noise by staying out of these hot spots. We’re hoping to spot some real talent right here on my doorstep.” Says Harrington who’s a Tampa Bay resident.

Local businesses owners and entrepreneurs are encouraged to attend an event featuring several high-profile entrepreneurs who are talking about growth strategies relevant to the times we’re in. For more information visit http://keypersonofinfluence.com/usa/go.php?p=a445&w=bkpi



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