I recently read this article in the Tampa Bay Business Journal that listed 102 cities and their prospective brainpower.

Does your city rank here?  I found it interesting that several large cities in Florida ranked in the 70’s. Now I can guess that may be due to retiree’s or service workers and college students that may not have college degrees yet.

But what will we do to improve this? Why are the top 10 cities in the North? What are they doing differently to advance their “Brainpower”?

We need to look at our next generation and how they are being brought through the antiquated school systems in Florida.  We need to prepare our future leaders to be entrepreneurial and not expect any handouts. We need to be accoutable to our future leaders an guide/give them the best opportunities to learn and grow. Guide our students with insight so they know that we can work and be inginuitive for advancements that can help the state and our economy and give these idea businesses and starter businesses “fertilizer” to grow in our state.

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A.D.D. & IT

Do you need to have A.D.D. to be in IT?  Just a thought.

Think about it! IT people have to put out fires quick and at all hours of the day. We have to fix all kinds of things at a very rapid pace. We don’t just sip water, we have to drink water from a fire hose. We swim with the sharks.

The IT field moves a such as rapid pace, we need to be able to focus on the current item while it is hot. Usually just a short time, then another, newer, shiny item will become a hotter priority to gain our focus.  This type of environment can frustrate many people that want to be methodical and investigate everything.  I would think those with A.D.D. could function well in an environment like this. IT offers an environment that has short focus times and many items to gain our attention. It sounds like a perfect fit.

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