Give to Get

I heard this statement on one of the “17 Principles of Success by Napoleon Hill” CD’s I have been listening to as I drive to and from work. daily.

We need to Give to Get

Our current society seems to always be listening to W.I.I.F.M – What’s In It For Me and we forget that to produce a good “crop” we need to give to get. Think about how hard a farmer works so we can eat. They give of their time. and work efforts to grow the crop and get a “harvest” after they have given  a lot.

So many people in the current generation expect to have someone take care of them, help them, or bail them out of situations that they got themselves into due to bad decisions or not wanting to put forth effort now for payment later.  Many people think they are entitled to things or they “have a right” to things.  When in fact, many of those “things” are privileges and not rights. How about driving or pay raises.  Theses items are privileges and you need to give effort and knowledge and show skilled ability to get a “harvest” later.  With hard work and effort you show why you are privileged to gain the benefits you desire.  We all have the ability to give of ourselves to help others and grow our knowledge.

Imagine of everyone tried this concept of giving to get. How would  that change the world?  Why not try changing the world today?

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