Driving etiquet

I had an “interesting” experience after leaving a PTA meeting recently. As I got in my car to leave and the exit line of cars was forming quickly, an older woman decided she needed to get out next. As she sped through the parking lot at about 30 miles an hour to get in line in front of my car, she made sure not to look my way and stay as close to the bumper of the car in front of her as possible.

I know we have all experienced this type of issue before. This was a PTA meeting. I have seen this on the commute home, in church parking lots after a service or after concerts. I had to laugh because she didn’t get out of the parking lot that much quicker than I did. I even let three people get in front of me.  Is this really a skill we need to perfect?  Being the first out of a parking lot.  Is that something to put on a resume?

This shows me that many people are only looking out for themselves. If they would just take a moment and be civil to the many other people in this big world, they may find that the benefits are great. All the cars in the parking lot were going to get out. The question was how stressful was it going to be?  We don’t have to let things like this stress us out. We just treat each other decently and we find a peacefulness comes over our lives. Try it you may like it.


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