As I grow older I realize the lack of value laziness offers. I find myself having much less patience for laziness in my life and our society.

Not being lazy offers you the ability to gain knowledge, skill, discipline and become a better person. Laziness does none of this.

I see people being lazy when the park in the “No Parking” spaces to pick up kids or park in the handicap parking spot to “just run into the store for a minute”. Meanwhile a person that truly needs that spot cannot access it because of someone being lazy. What value does being lazy provide? None. Or the teachers that do not want to teach and expect the students to teach themselves. The title of “Teacher” implies you teach, that is your job.

Many large businesses have been created because society is demanding products to help them be lazy. The remote control, Pizza delivery etc. Now these businesses have become successful because they met a “market need”. O.K.  Why do so many people have weight problems, low vitamin D etc. when they could get outside and actually take care of their own yard in some way or do items around their house to get some activity in their lives.

I am not discounting the fact that there are a lot of people who cannot do some of these type of items. However, I use these examples to get the idea of avoiding being lazy out.

As a society I think the idea of doing your own work, builds character. You become a more disciplined person to take action and achieve the goals you and your family want. To get somewhere, you need to take the correct action. If you want to lose a few pounds, not doing anything will not take the pounds off. Dreaming about weight loss will not take the weight off. However, dreaming about it does start the thoughts in your head and starts the desire in your heart to do something. The key is to not be lazy and do the right thing. Take ACTION.

Not being lazy is a great concept to teach your children as they need to learn this quickly. Not being lazy in school builds a disciplined student that studies and stays focused in class to pass the class. This character is then built into their being and they are productive member of society.

Why not TAKE ACTION and not be Lazy. The person you become can change the world.

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