Be Self-Disciplined – Not Comfortable

We often hear people say that they want to be “comfortable” in life but what does that mean?  Do they want to be financially secure, physically fit, knowledgable at their work? If you think about what people may want, they are all goals or achievements and to achieve a goal you need to have discipline.

Self-discipline with your spending habits will allow you to achieve financial security, self-discipline with eating or working out will allow you to achieve a good physical condition. Self discipline is a form of accountability. Accountability to yourself, your goal, perhaps your family. I believe our current society sometimes (a lot of times) has issues with the idea of being accountable.

Self-discipline is a good habit to have, a good habit to show and a good habit to incorporate into your life. Self discipline will not be comfortable. getting up early to work out may not be comfortable. But if you want to get in shape, you need to be uncomfortable until you build the habit of self-discipline into your head, your heart and your actions.  Self discipline will allow you to take necessary action when you want to achieve your goals. Sometimes those actions you need to take will not be easy. Let self-discipline keep you moving in a positive direction.

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