Happy Happy

The other day as I was checking out of the store, I heard one of the store workers bragging about how she didn’t accomplish something that was asked of all employees. Now this act was not a term of employment but was for a good cause.  I thought “Is this what our society is coming to, bragging about what you didn’t accomplish?”  Of course the employee sounded “so excited” to be at their place of employment.. Was she not happy?

This evening, I got the chance to watch a great documentary film entitled “Happy”  directed by Roko Belic.  Great film and great information about how happiness effects us, our community and our world. Belic spent 6 years doing this film and the study that went along with it and finished with a great product and a great understanding of happiness.

The happiest country in the world, Denmark. The least happiest country in the world, Japan. What was shocking was that the statistics in Japan of people literally dying at their work because the work so much has been on the rise. They have ingrained the idea from rebuilding Japan after WWII, that they have to work hard all the time. However, all work and no play makes Jack a dull or dead boy.  Not a good scenario. ON the other hand, In Denmark, there are a lot of communal type areas that help people to enjoy their family and life a bit better. They all share in work, each family cooks two times a month, ( I like this idea), there are always people/friends around to help each other.  A great community environment to be together with others. It gives you a great sense of appreciation and ability to give back as well.  How well do you know your neighbors that live 30 feet away? Not to mention the people of Denmark get free health care and college. That is a big stress reliever right there.

It really made me think of how I am living my life. Am I enjoying each day I have? Sometimes I will go outside and just look up at the sky and watch the birds fly about and enjoy the breeze through the maple tree I have in my back yard. I will be getting more involved at my church as  the mission of the church is:  “To bring people closer to God“. I think this is a great place to build community and help others and I can be a part of that community.

What makes you happy?  What are you doing to enjoy life? Perhaps we need to get outside more or just have fun with life. Perhaps we can learn a lot form this documentary film and realize that we can be Happy in our life.  We can choose to be happy and we have the choice to make a difference in our lives and the lives of others.  As my Dad used to say, “Try it you might like it.”

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