Pay Attention!

My daily commute is usually about 40 minutes. This includes  local city traffic when dropping one of my boys off at school then heading onto the highway to get to work. Now if you factor in sun and drivers that aren’t sure what lane to be in and drivers not paying attention to the road, the commute can be very stressful.

This includes the ever so present driver trying to read their “smart phone” while traveling at 70 miles an hour. I encountered this today as a driver was looking down at their cell phone that they put near where you look at your side mirrors.  The difference was the driving pattern that showed she was not paying attention to that big windshield in front of her. No accident for that driver yet.

We need to pay attention to what we do at the time we are doing it. If you don’ t want to do this for me, do it for your loved ones.   Do you want them to read about your last moments on this earth from a police report that said “texting while driving” or would you rather get to work or any other destination safely?  Our society really needs to pay attention and put down these devices while driving.  If you are not sure where you are going, pull over to the side of the road or stop and ask direction. Yes guys we can do this. Or use the “phone” part of your device to call someone.  Would you want a doctor to be texting while he should be focused on doing heart surgery on you?  We can pay attention to our current task.

Try this when you talk to someone today. Pay attention to the person and ignore your cell phone..

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