The idea, the itch, the inclination To DO…

I recently had this idea, this itch or an inclination to call someone I hadn’t talked to in quite a while so I did do just that, I called them. When they answered the phone I could tell they were kind of surprised as we are both pretty busy and my friend is days away from his first child being born.

Have you done this type of action? Do you do this type of action? I recently saw a TED talk about this. Taking Action to DO something when you have that feeling. The key is to do it NOW, within the first 20 – 30 seconds because after that your mind will go into protection mode because it interprets the new thought or idea as foreign and FEAR kicks in.

If you thought about calling your mom, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend or customer, talk to that new person or help someone in a store that may need a hand. Do it when you think of it. Do consider the time so if it is 1 AM and you thought about calling someone, write yourself a reminder note or send yourself a reminder email, text etc. to call later and DO IT.

Taking this immediate action allows us to overcome that FEAR that our mind bring about. If something is foreign to our mind and we don’t understand what is happening, the mind goes into protection mode and reverts back to what is comfortable. Guess what, Comfortable will not get you to change, grow, experience new things or people. Great achievers don’t sit still, they stretch, they grow, they talk to new people and ask questions. Ask the questions if you have an inclination to do so. There really is no stupid questions. We learn when we ask questions and ACT on our thoughts. That is how we achieve greatness.

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