I’m Hungry

I was thinking about this statement this morning, as I hear it and may say it a lot.

  • When I was growing up I would often said this to my parents as a teenager with hollow legs, my friends and I could eat constantly and would clean out each others refrigerators.
  • When I graduated college I wrote this in tape on the top of my cap and told my parents to look for something I always said, “I’m Hungry”.
  • As I have had the blessing/curse of having three boys, I now hear this unending phrase “I’m hungry”.
  • At work I am known to have uttered this phrase yet I am able to eat a bit yet still maintain a healthy physique, so far.

However, the phrase -“I’m Hungry” has more meaning than just a “rumbling in my tummy”.  It is part of my character, as a driven person.

  • I’m hungry to achieve greatness
  • I’m hungry to be debt free
  • I’m hungry for family peace and security
  • I’m hungry for a strong faith
  • I’m hungry to treat people the way I want to be treated, Mathew 7:12
  • I’m hungry for personal growth
  • I’m hungry to enthusiastically encourage others with Positive Actions

Being hungry is more than just a feeling in your gut. It is a characteristic within you that drives to you to take necessary action to achieve what you want. As I say “If the goal is worth the reward, be prepared to take the steps necessary to get there” and “Belief is the catalyst that sets action in motion”. Be hungry to improve yourself, your family, your community as we will benefit from each others advancements. Be hungry to build a world that is enthusiastic to learn, be happy, grow and help each other.

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