Are You Perfect?

I find it interesting that people often refrain, delay and procrastinate from taking action because they think what they are trying to do has to be perfect. Do any of us walk on water? I don’t and I realize that whatever I do may not be perfect the first time. However, the idea of Taking the necessary action to start my activity and go in a forward motion toward a goal is very important.

What if a baseball player never stole second base? What if they never swung at that 3/2 pitch? Babe Ruth struck out more than any player at the time. However, look at what he acomplished. What if Bill Gates waited to release his concept for Windows? OK so they still do a lot of updates. But look at how Microsoft has changed our society.

What if we never had critical conversations with people? We may not understand their point of view, we may continue to hurt people or get hurt by people because of lack of communication.

I believe we need to focus less on being perfect and realize the value of our message, product or service to our world. We are not going to please everyone and the first release is what we learn from. Remember how big a cell phone was when it first came out?

Taking Action on your belief of what you know in your heart and your head is important and can keep you going a long way. Your belief, determination and attitude are your fuel that keeps your dream alive. We can help one another to achieve greatness with encouragement and understanding. “If the goal is worth the reward, be prepared to take the steps necessary to get there.”

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