Definiteness of Purpose – Not

I was having a conversation with my son recently and as we were talking he wanted me to make him some food. Now my sons are all capable of making their own food to some extent. THis was My 16 year old that wanted me to make him some food. As I started to get a little bit irritated I thought “Why doesn’t he want to make his own food?”

Then it hit me, a lot of teen-agers don’t have the Napoleon Hill principle of a “definiteness of purpose“.  They don’t have that strong inner desire to really WANT something so that they would do whatever it takes to get what they wanted. To be unstoppable in going after an achievement. When I was 16 I knew how to cook anything. I was not about to starve in any way. If I wanted $20, I would figure out a way to earn it, mowing a lawn, raking leaves, shoveling snow, babysitting.. the list can go on.  I had a strong desire to get what I would set out for and I still have that.

I believe todays teen-agers really need a definiteness of purpose to learn to really go after what they want and do whatever it takes to get that goal. Whether it is learning to cook, running the microwave properly, washing their cloths or earning their own money. They need to understand the value of having a fire within you that will drive you forward in a positive direction. I can help with this scenario for teen-agers and older people. However, so can drill seargents.

We can change our future by educating our kids in a proper manner and I can help with that. Feel free to contact me if you would want me to “Inspire Audacity” in an organization you are part of.