No man is free who is not master of hims

No man is free who is not master of himself. Unknown


Feeding the Wolf

Perhaps you have heard the story of the Indian grandfather telling his grandson that he has two wolves inside him; and the one that grows is the one you feed.

One Wolf has Fear, Complaining, Deceit, Anger, Greed and any other bad behavior.

The other Wolf has Honesty, Faith, Discipline,  Humor and other good behaviors.

Daily we run across “tests” that make us choose one of these Wolves.  Have you ever come out of a meeting that may have been hard to attend and listened to what you were saying or someone else was saying or “discussing” after a meeting? Usually the issues are not about the excitement of opportunities we have but about how long it will take, how few resources we have and how Joe isn’t carrying his wait with his task.  Then  someone will text someone else about the issues or call them on the phone and the feelings proliferate for hours.

Why not make a significant effort to change to the Positive Wolf. Talk about the opportunities we have, the ability to work, some people don’t have work. How about not proliferating the negative talk but share the excitement of our day, that we are alive and we get to see the sunshine.  Start testing, calling your friends about the great things in life. You will see your “Wolf Pack” start to change in a Positive direction. And that is a direction we all need to be going towards.

You can start to feed the Positive Wolf by listening to Positive, Encouraging audio’s in the car, you can “Keep your mouth shut”, Don’t complain.  If others around you start to complain, walk away, go to the rest room, encourage a more positive subject. This will take some discipline but you can do it.  Pray in the morning for guidance to keep you focused on positive things and not to complain. When your “buried” in bad news, breathe.  Go outside, go for a walk, look at the sun or puppy pictures.  Feed the Positive Wolf.

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