Happy Happy

The other day as I was checking out of the store, I heard one of the store workers bragging about how she didn’t accomplish something that was asked of all employees. Now this act was not a term of employment but was for a good cause.  I thought “Is this what our society is coming to, bragging about what you didn’t accomplish?”  Of course the employee sounded “so excited” to be at their place of employment.. Was she not happy?

This evening, I got the chance to watch a great documentary film entitled “Happy”  directed by Roko Belic.  Great film and great information about how happiness effects us, our community and our world. Belic spent 6 years doing this film and the study that went along with it and finished with a great product and a great understanding of happiness.

The happiest country in the world, Denmark. The least happiest country in the world, Japan. What was shocking was that the statistics in Japan of people literally dying at their work because the work so much has been on the rise. They have ingrained the idea from rebuilding Japan after WWII, that they have to work hard all the time. However, all work and no play makes Jack a dull or dead boy.  Not a good scenario. ON the other hand, In Denmark, there are a lot of communal type areas that help people to enjoy their family and life a bit better. They all share in work, each family cooks two times a month, ( I like this idea), there are always people/friends around to help each other.  A great community environment to be together with others. It gives you a great sense of appreciation and ability to give back as well.  How well do you know your neighbors that live 30 feet away? Not to mention the people of Denmark get free health care and college. That is a big stress reliever right there.

It really made me think of how I am living my life. Am I enjoying each day I have? Sometimes I will go outside and just look up at the sky and watch the birds fly about and enjoy the breeze through the maple tree I have in my back yard. I will be getting more involved at my church as  the mission of the church is:  “To bring people closer to God“. I think this is a great place to build community and help others and I can be a part of that community.

What makes you happy?  What are you doing to enjoy life? Perhaps we need to get outside more or just have fun with life. Perhaps we can learn a lot form this documentary film and realize that we can be Happy in our life.  We can choose to be happy and we have the choice to make a difference in our lives and the lives of others.  As my Dad used to say, “Try it you might like it.”

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F.E.A.R. – What is it good for?

  To take the words from the Edwin Starr song “WAR, what is it good for absolutely nothing..” I ask the same thing about F.E.A.R, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing! 

  F.E.A.R. is False Expectations Appearing Real and what are these good for? To limit us, to keep us captive in our own thought up results? We have fears about outcomes of conversations, calls discussions situations etc. when we cannot predict our next thought most of the time. Why do we do this to ourselves? Again, What is this good for, absolutely nothing. 

  When we were a hunting society, fear helped to keep us safe at times. Now it limits our abilities most of the time. If we are afraid of what a girl will say when we ask her on a date, we don’t get to experience what could be a great time out of the house with an enjoyable person. If we fear asking for a raise, we limit telling our supervisor about our abilities and how they help the organization. perhaps they haven’t connected your abilities to the accomplished tasks.  If we fear conversations with the person we married, that leads to a very cold household and assumed situations etc.

  After seeing the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, I believe we need to overcome the fears we have built up in our minds, to experience life in ways we haven’t even seen blife efore. God has a greater plan for us and we don’t need to be afraid of what life can give us in experiences and enjoyment. We just need to ride the ride and enjoy life, not the fears of life.

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Like a Dog

You may have heard or used the term “Like a Dog” when referring to someone to be derogatory. However, I was reminded last night of a better meaning.

I walk my dogs every night around 8 – 8:30 if I’m not a one of my childrens events. If i start to get “sidetracked” around the house and I am not aware of the time, my two lab mixes remind me what time it is. They will follow me around, look at me with those “puppy eyes”, bump my leg and hover around the cabinet where there leashes are to make sure I know what time it is.

Sometimes I am not at home and we cannot go for a walk. Yet the dogs do not yell, wine or complanin to me. When I get home th dogs are always happy to see me as their tails start to wag and they may get up so I can pet them. 

I am reminded that dogs are very forgiving creatures that offer a lot of love to people that treat them well. They don’t hold grudges, powt or hold on to ill feelings for the most part. So why can’t we be more “Like a Dog” and let go of grudges, be happy to see people and enjoy just getting out, no matter if it is to walk aroudn the block go for a car ride or just be with someone?   Try to be “Like a Dog” and  stick your head out the window and feel the air, enjoy your life. Try giving a lot of love and see what type of response you get from others and see how you will grow.

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Embrace Crazy

I recently heard this idea from Daniel Coyle, author of  “The Talent Code” and it sounded interesting.

Think about that idea of “Embracing Crazy”.  To me it sounds like throwing out any barriers that get in the way of accomplishing goals, desires etc. Sometimes we need to think crazily to get a different idea that will take off and spark new products, processes or services.  The Wright brothers “Embraced Crazy” and look what that did.

How are you Embracing Crazy to achieve greatness?  Will you talk to that customer, person of interest or spouse about something your not sure of or do do something with? Will you try a different item at your next meal?  Why not be “Crazy” and enjoy life instead of complaining or griping.

Let’s “embrace Crazy” together and if you need an Encouraging Positive Perspective to achieve greatness, I would love to be Crazy to help encourage your group.

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Words of Wisdom

Tonight I overheard something refreshing. A mother was talking with her young daughter and I heard her give the  girl some great advice we need to be reminded of often.

The mother told the child that:

  • She could not be embarrassed, that she should always enjoy life because “we only have one trip in this world and we need to make the best of it.”
  • “That she should always enjoy what you do and have fun doing whatever you do.”
  • “That she should have fun with others and not at the expense of others.”

I thought of a few more as I listened to this great motherly advise we need to be reminded of often in our lives.

  • “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”
  • “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t day anything at all.”
  • “If you smile, you can start a movement throughout the world.”
  • “Enjoy everyday, you don’t know if you have a tomorrow.”
  • “Discipline is the bridge to success.”

Now some of these sayings are not mine, but they stick in my head and I try to live with the meaning and ideals in my life. Our world needs help to integrate ideas, sayings and life lessons like these into our lives more often. We can learn a lot about others in our schools, work, communities and cities so we can all appreciate each other. Perhaps if we did this, we could get along better and have enjoyable social interactions instead of edgy, cold meetings.

What are some of your favorite “life lessons”?  Please fee free to respond.

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People People Everywhere

As I sit on the cold hard floor feeling my legs go to sleep with another delay at an airport, I get the chance to observer people again. A thunderstorm came through Atlanta which delayed my flight home.

 Since I was delayed, I got something to eat and due to the thunderstorm, the electronic registers at the restaurants went down and they had to just give me a total on a receipt paper for my expenses.  At least I got a receipt and the service was pretty good considering the crowd increased with the storm.

After I ate I found out my gate had changed two times from when I initially checked in. I finally got a seat near my gate to charge my cell phone and read a bit. I am reading “Set Yourself on Fire”. What a great book that explains how we can give to others to gain in our own lives by working with people and not by ourselves.  

This got me thinking, especially at an airport. As I watched and listened to the people around the airport, so many people are looking out for themselves that they become rude, un-observant to people and not aware that others seem to be around. If we can take the time to remember that people can help each other it makes life in any situation a lot more enjoyable. With delays at an airport we are all in the same boat. Why not enjoy our time together or enjoy other peoples company. Perhaps you can strike up a conversation about an enjoyable topic or fun time you had where you were.  I thanked military personnel for their service, smiled as a baby cued near me laughing at her mother and laughed at some teenagers dancing to their i-pod music.  Why not enjoy the time we have no matter what is occurring?

Living life is the ability to enjoy every moment we have. Not just getting tasks done or phone calls made etc. We don’t know how many moments we have left so why not enjoy every one.  If we smile at others we may brighten someone else’s day and they may return the favor and smile back so that will brighten your day.  Try it you may like it and in the process you may meet some very nice people.

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Dinner Time – Enjoy it

I was preparing dinner this evening and I thought to myself, what does a good German from Up North do when the weather is getting colder, down to 38 tonight in Tampa. What would you cook?

Well, we go out and cook Brats on the grill. Although there was chill in the air, I cooked by the grill firelight and whistled  “the weather outside is frightfull” I thought how cool is this. I am still using my grill in December.  Up North, the grills are covered in snow. 

I do not envy the snow at all.  I am very thankful that I get to cook a meal and use my grill, but better yet I enjoy the time with the family.  This Christmas season enjoy everyday adn every bit of time you have with family and loved ones.

Enjoy your time with your family.