Great HERO Article

I read a great article by Jennifer Louden on en*theos today and I wanted to share it with you. We all have a HERO within us.

Self-Trust Super S/Hero Tip  |  by Jennifer Louden

Self-trust is everyone’s most needed s/hero super power.

You’ve gotta have self-trust – the ability to go within and know what you feel is the best choice – before you ask anyone else.

Selftrust grows from believing (even if you must remind yourself seventeen times an hour) that you can handle what life dishes up—scalding hot, icy cold, rather stale or so sublime, you must squeeze your eyes shut as you savor it.

Today, entertain the idea that the poet Rilke was on to something when he declared, “The purpose of life is to be defeated by greater and greater things.”

The word defeated may set your teeth on edge. True, it’s bit dark, yet it’s also a bold declaration: “I am a learner. I learn from what life hands me.”

Even though you may bow in frustration sometimes and other times, need to throw yourself a big ole’ pity party, you know that the difficult moments of life – the daily ones and the big ones – are not out to get you but opportunities to go within and learn who you are and what you believe – and want.

Today’s S/hero Action: The next time you find yourself saying, “I can’t handle this” or “I don’t know what to do,” exhale fully. Really exhale. Then, as you inhale, remind yourself you have handled everything that life has brought to you. Not perfectly, not always admirably, but you are still here, aren’t you?  Thus you handled it.

Then ask, “If I believed I could handle this and I did know what I wanted to do, what would I choose right now?”

Are you learning from life? What are you telling yourself?  I know I keep telling myself, “I can handle it” and then I smile and share my smile.

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I received some encouraging information from Brian Johnson CEO of  en*theos about a book from Don Miguel Ruiz:

The Four Agreenments 

 The Four Agreements in a nutshell are:

– Be impeccable with your word.

– Don’t take anything personally.

– Don’t make assumptions

– Always do your best

Try it.

You’ll be a totally different person within the week. However, I will warn you, trying these four agreements is not an easy task. I find my use of words really needs work.  It takes discipline which will take time. So a Fifth & Sixth agreement will be – “Be patient” and “Pray“.

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