I recently received a Google alert that included some great words from UN Deputy Secretary General Asha-Rose Migiro that really got me thinking today.

The world is confronted by a host of crises: a global food crisis; profound climate change; and extreme poverty. Add volatile energy prices and the challenges we face begin to look insurmountable. But together we can succeed in addressing them.

But I would argue that real power comes from building support, forging consensus and constructing partnerships. Real power comes from empowering people. Empowering them to change. Empowering them to reach out to others. Empowering them to improve their lives.

I have seen the incredible capacity of people to make change happen in even the most difficult circumstances. Often, change takes only a small amount of support from a trusted partner.

The task of achieving the Goals is too great for any one of us to achieve alone. We must forge partnerships to empower each other. We must succeed together. Each of us has a personal responsibility to address the grinding poverty that exists alongside abundant plenty. And you, the next generation of leaders, you have a particularly critical role to play. Each one of us comes from a privileged generation ‑‑ each more privileged in many ways than the last. The personal commitments you make today to the global causes you passionately embrace will help define today’s priorities and tomorrow’s breakthroughs.

There are so many ways you can contribute. In fact, there is little excuse for inaction. From efforts to set the world on a new path to food security, to fighting global warming, which so badly endangers our common future, you can make a difference. Your commitment and insight will be welcome.

Then I read this great quote from Theodore Roosevelt in my planner:

In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.

You see, both these have to do with taking action. Taking action on what you believe in and sharing that belief with others. So I am taking action and sharing what I believe in; Encouragement.

No matter what these days hand us, we can overcome these conditions.  This is not easy, sometimes not fun and can drain a lot if not all of our energy. But, we must realize that we still get the opportunity to rise everyday and try try again. What if we try to think just a bit differently for ourselves and others? How can we help our co-workers, business partners and family members?  It may be lending an ear, stating a compliment or just taking time to be with people and this doesn’t cost any money! Yet it has unmeasurable value.

We can build support for others and for ourselves by talking with our families and business partners to achieve the goals we want. You alone cannot think of everything. This is a reality check for me a lot of times. Reaching out to others can empower us and others to achieve great results.

The other day when I got home from work, my six year old was sooo excited to tell me what went on in his day that he was jumping up and down as soon as I walked in the door. Most days that could test my nerves, but the good Lord told me to slow down and listen. I did, and the excitement in his eyes and tone of voice and the smile on my face as he told me about his adventure where priceless. Have you heard a voice tell you to slow down and listen? Have you listened to that voice?  I learn everyday to try and slow down to hear what really matters. Encouraging and helping others. That is my decision.


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Life Realizations

  I have had some  “life realization” moments lately. These include:

  • A co-worker passed away after a massive heart attack on Easter Sunday. 
  • Realizing I am not 18 anymore.
  • A good life is about understanding what you can be the best at.
  • Take every moment in as a blessing, because time doesn’t have reverse.

   Not to start with a negative tone about someone dying, but this reality, gives us a moment to realize additional, valuable information about ourselves and our lives.  Are we living our life the “Way We Want” or, are we just living, taking in food and air? Who’s life is it anyway?  The economy doesn’t need to direct our life! We direct our Life. Our financial situation doesn’t direct our happiness. We direct our happiness. Comments from others don’t direct our lives. We choose our direction in life.

   Is your life in order or chaos? A harsh reality is that I think mine is more of the second. Not “a total lack of  organization or order” as the definition states, but some items need “tuning”.  I WILL be correcting this! This is my life and I want it to be the best for my family and I. After hearing of my co-worker passing, and reading the kind words others have said about him, I thought to myself, what will people say about me? What will people say about you?  As everday passes I realize that I am not “invincable” like I thought I was when I was younger.  

   I also realized that we need to take every moment as a blessing, because time doesn’t have reverse.  Once a moment is gone, it is just that, gone. We cannot change what happened, we can change how we will react and we can learn from the previous moment. But the moment doesn’t come back..

  I recently saw the movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carey and it gives an interesting perspective of life. We need to take hold of every opportunity we have because you never know what it will do for your life. Everything in our day is an opportunity to learn, grow, make someone smile and realize the sun is out lighting up all the possibilities in our day.  As we realize opportunities for ourselves, we help others to see opportunities and that is where the real value lies, helping others.

 I escalate Knowledge, convey Opportunity Awareness and Encouragement that empowers others to rise to any challenge.


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Building a Positive Perspective – Why do we do what we do?

Why Do We Do What We Do?

    I need to build from a previous posting because I have expanded my knowledge and I thought I would share what I learned with all of you.

   How many times have we heard ourselves saying “Justice” statements? “If I could just get enough time to get this done”, “If I could just make enough money to cover this bill or that bill”. Or saying limiting statements about our abilities, “I can never remember names”, “I’m not good at math”. 

    What are we really doing and why?  Aren’t we limiting our potential? Limiting the possibilities before we see if the opportunity can even occur.  I call some of these limiting statements (i.e. “If I can Just get …”) “JustIce” statements because these type of statements freeze our potential, freeze our possibilities and freeze our dreams of what could occur. And when you freeze something, that something tends to die. Why do we kill our potential or our opportunities?

    I recently read an article by L. Barnett Powell that covers this scenario. Here is some valuable information from the article.

    The truth is this: You can do anything, have anything, be anything you put your mind to set about achieving. The fuel you need to make it work is EMOTION. Not only that, it needs to be a high level emotion – gratitude, happiness, joy, hope, love. Depression, worry, fear and anxiety will not bring you a positive achievement. You will get what you don’t want – because you focused mentally on it and put the emotions of fear, worry, anxiety and depression behind it.

    When you do not achieve a goal, take a look at the structure of your life and what you are holding in your mind and the emotions behind it. Typically you find you have been mired in worry, depression, and fear. The result is not achieving a goal. It is then time to kick yourself into high gear and get back on track with what is true – and that is the Law of Attraction. Remind yourself that you will attract whatever you focus on and invest with emotion, whatever that may be. I have embraced the lie that says you cannot have, do or be what you desire. As soon as this is realized it is time to release it and get back on track.

    So the process is straight-forward. Be clear about what you want. Focus on it with not only your mind, but your emotions. Direct your emotions. As musician Joan Armatrading says, “light up”. Be grateful. Be joyful. Be excited. Be motivated. Be insistent. See yourself achieving your goal/having what you want and get happy about it. That vision is important. Focus is powerful. Stay focused on that outcome – because where you place your focus is where you will find yourself in the end. Seize every opportunity and be willing to take risks to create opportunity – all with your goal clearly in mind. Expect to receive what your desire.

   The Universe listens to what goes through your head and is powered by your emotions. Your emotions make your thought “scream” out what you want and in response the Universe. Without judgment, gives you what you are so strongly focusing on with your thoughts and emotions. That means your best move, if you want to achieve your vision, is to plug into positive, high-level emotions and put them behind your vision.

You will manifest what you desire.

    I know I have been down this road of worry and fear and it got me just what I didn’t want; fear, worry, anxiety, lack of sleep and not eating. None of which are fun. We all need “reminders” to keep us on the good road of happiness, joy, love and achievement with a positive perspective. Let’s stay off the ice in life and help ourselves and others to be happy and achieve a joyous life.  We need to realize WHAT A JOYOUS life really consists of. Be thankful/appreciative for being on the green side of the grass.

   Sometimes all it takes is a kind word, a note or a smile. Be willing to take risks to create opportunity. As the good book says, “And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you” Luke 11:9.

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