Your Attitude

I received this great reminder article from Brian Johnson and had to share it with everyone. We need to keep this idea/thought at the top of our mind everyday.

Your Attitude  |  by Brian Johnson

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing; the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” ~ Viktor Frankl from Man’s Search for Meaning

Frankl is the poster child for the admonition that we MUST recognize the fact that we have responsibility to choose how we respond to any given situation. Frankl, a man who lost his entire family and barely survived the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps of WW II, developed this philosophy in the midst of the most brutal experience any human being will ever go through.

We’ve all experienced many things that we wish never happened. But the fact is only very few among us have experienced anything as ghastly as losing our entire family and nearly losing our own lives in the horrors of a concentration camp. And if this man can choose his attitude in his situation, we can certainly choose OUR responses. No?

So, what’s bothering you right now? 

You get a parking ticket? Lose your job? Relationship not working? Kids being a challenge? Get sick? 

Of course, any and all of the challenges we face in our day to day lives can bring us turmoil, but NEVER forget that, ultimately, how you CHOOSE to respond to the challenge is entirely your call.

DO NOT be a victim to the myriad of petty things that we can CHOOSE to let bother us. Own your attitude. CHOOSE how you will respond to any given situation.

My personal recommendation? 

Flip it around and think about all the things for which you’re grateful. 

Get a parking ticket? Be grateful you even have a car. Be grateful you’re going to be able to help pay for someone’s wages for part of the day. Stub your toe? Be grateful you HAVE a toe to stub and such a great life that that’s probably the worst thing that’s going to happen to you today. Kids being a little challenging? Be grateful they’re healthy enough to make so much noise and honor them for the growth you both experience together.

Whatever it is, choose your optimal response.


Do you see a pattern here? Be Grateful. recommneded from a man that survived teh concentration camps of WWII.  The small things we go through can build our character, give us strength, give us a better perspective to doing better and achieving better resultsin our future.

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The Real Meaning of Compete

I received this interesting factoid from Brian Johnson, founder of etheos, and I wanted to share it with you.

Did you know the word compete comes from the Latin competere and means to “aim at, seek” (petere) “TOGETHER” (com). To seek together, not against, but together. Interesting how the word has been relegated to zero-sum hell, eh?!?

Interesting that our society over time has interpreted the meaning to be much different now. I love the fact that it actually means TOGETHER. What a concept! I find that things do get much easier, less stressful and more manageable when you work together with others rather than against each other.  Don’t get me wrong, it has taken me a LONG time to get this through my thick skull.

I also like the fact that SEEK is in the meaning. Because this means we need to seek answers, gain knowledge, build our strengths in learning. Sounds like school.  Life is school and there are many more people outside of our schools that don’t care whether we succeed or not. The people inside the schools and the parents care that we do succeed by learning. We can continue to learn together throughout life as we build relationships.

Lets go SEEK TOGETHER and Compete.

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Courage to Stop Traffic

After reading a very interesting article about Courage

I witnessed an interesting situation on my way home.  In rush hour traffic at a busy intersection an older lady could not get her car to start. The guys behind her in a pick-up truck got out and pushed her car through the intersection by hand to help her get it started again and help her to alleviate her confusion, worry and frustration. Of course the people behind the pick-up truck were not happy and honked horns etc.

I had a different perspective. I saw two guys that offered to help someone in need and put their needs aside to help someone else. That takes a great deal of courage, not to mention the dealing with the frustrated, uneducated people honking their horns.

I believe our world needs more courage of good faith and help to our fellow humans. It will make our society and world a much better place. I found myself asking if I would have done what these two guys did. Would you have the courage to stop traffic?  Perhaps we need to take the time more often, not just on the road but in our daily lives at work, at home etc.

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Like a Dog

You may have heard or used the term “Like a Dog” when referring to someone to be derogatory. However, I was reminded last night of a better meaning.

I walk my dogs every night around 8 – 8:30 if I’m not a one of my childrens events. If i start to get “sidetracked” around the house and I am not aware of the time, my two lab mixes remind me what time it is. They will follow me around, look at me with those “puppy eyes”, bump my leg and hover around the cabinet where there leashes are to make sure I know what time it is.

Sometimes I am not at home and we cannot go for a walk. Yet the dogs do not yell, wine or complanin to me. When I get home th dogs are always happy to see me as their tails start to wag and they may get up so I can pet them. 

I am reminded that dogs are very forgiving creatures that offer a lot of love to people that treat them well. They don’t hold grudges, powt or hold on to ill feelings for the most part. So why can’t we be more “Like a Dog” and let go of grudges, be happy to see people and enjoy just getting out, no matter if it is to walk aroudn the block go for a car ride or just be with someone?   Try to be “Like a Dog” and  stick your head out the window and feel the air, enjoy your life. Try giving a lot of love and see what type of response you get from others and see how you will grow.

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Distinctive Value

I have been reading a great new book by Mark Sanborn, “Up, Down, or Sideways: How to Succeed When Times are Good, Bad or In Between“. Mark is also the autho of “The Fred Factor“.

In Chapter 8 he talks about making your value disitinct, whether it is for your organization or yourself, this is important. Sanbon offers a formula for Value:

V = E + E + SE

Value = Expectations + Education + Something Extra

The key is the Something Extra. What can we offer that is distinctly “Something Extra? Is it our personality and the humor we give in any situation? Is it our smile we can offer all the time no matter what is going on? What are our organizations doing that will give that “Something Extra” to bring in more/new customers? Our “Something Extra” can be encouragement for customers and teammates.

Sometimes our “Something Extra” may be humility and the ability to say “Thank You” to others or saying “I’m Sorry, or “I was wrong”.  I recntly did this by giving a hand written Thank You card to a co-working because he listened to a non-work related concern. Our “Something Extra” doesn’t have to cost a lot or anything but the benefits of “Something Extra” can make a difference for a lifetime.

I want to encourage you to offer your distinctive value to others today. If you don’t think you have a distinct value, look some more becasue we are all made from God and God don’t make no junk.

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Get Lost

My youngest son has this sign on his door recently to try to keep some privacy in his room.  However, I starting thinking about this saying “Get Lost”. Is it just a derogatory comment or can we allow ourselves to “get lost” in something positive?

Do we get lost in love, encouragement, smiles, joyousness? Or do we get lost in sorrow, worry  and confusion that limits our vision of opportunities?  I want to choose to get lost in positive things like love, hope, encouragement. Especially in current times with what goes on in the news and in our lives.

Why not try to “Get lost” in positivity today? Try smiling more, think of great things and enjoy the breath you have been given today.  Lets Get Lost in Encouragement.

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