How are you building your Pyramid?

Have you looked at a pyramid? Have you noticed that the base is very wide and strong to provide support for the rest of the pyramid? How are you building your “Life Pyramid” or your “YOU Pyramid”?

You see our life is built like a pyramid. You need a great big foundation to hold up all the other stuff we have. We need good positive strong beliefs, thoughts, action and education that builds our mind into a positive contributing member of our society.

Are you building your life with a strong base? A strong base for your mind, your spirit and your soul. What are you filling your mind with when you have free time? Are you becoming a fixture on the couch watching silly, crappy TV re-runs or the news and hate crimes of our current society? Or could you or will you fill your soul with some encouragement and truths of God’s word?

These type of actions build you with a solid foundation so you treat yourself and others with respect and increase your capabilities through thought, action and beliefs. If you input great positive things into your mind the output will be positively great. Wake up in the morning and be thankful you woke up and that you have another opportunity. Listen to encouraging, educational material that interests you and keeps you intrigued and engaged while listening to the material.  It beats hearing about the traffic jam you are already in. Enthusiastically encourage co-workers to see a positive perspective to situations or give them your smile.  Share a positive attitude by believing and perhaps paying something forward.

Everyday we are given, we have the opportunity to build the base of our pyramid better. So will you? Are you?

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